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11 days agothinking about moving my best (for me) film photos onchain and posting every new onchain firstly. idk if it will be interesting for someone, but looks like now time it's coming and I just tired to move it between web2 platforms and searching for the best.
11 days agoand just thought that onchain makes it more unique and, you know, I should be to more carefully those events that I want to make not just public, but truly memorable if I post it onchain. perhaps this will reduce the count of content, but make it better
11 days ago@scott_lew_is @LayerZero_Labs hey! any plans (if it possible) to make $canto OFT?
11 days ago@perennials_nft @ourZORA Already. Also, I was fast and finally added the network to metamask, but it's not working 😁 Just thought maybe someone from the community has the same issues
12 days agoLOL damn 26 replies from bots just for a few seconds! @elonmusk fix it please https://twitter.com/agrislis/status/1662850153357639685
12 days agocoverFrens, i need your help with @ourZORA testnet setup! Metamask and Core didnt accept 999 ChainID. What do you thing, how can i fix it? Already tried different browsers (and wallet apps). Used this setups: https://zora.energy/testnet https://t.co/YrOiTLs0il
12 days ago@mountainscrave 🥲🥺
12 days ago@mountainscrave Не все...
12 days agocoverSuch bullshit, Korea officially has an orthodox Christianity church! https://t.co/WkvS7I4HCd
13 days ago@mygothstar В общем я тебе в телеграм скину что нашел!
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