I'm very happy to participate in this activity. Can I get a little airdrop

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4 hours agoThis tweet is my registration proof for @Osmo_Dex your first protocol for trading built on #ZKsync. I'm ready to get my early access.
4 days agoRequesting faucet funds into 0xF74709B52c0E108eCFE56fA364175A779d3C059A on @rockx_official #Sepolia test network.
4 days agoVerifying my Twitter account for my #GetaverseID gid:1638828728930111490 @GetaverseDID http://did.getaverse.com
6 days agoI just minted 1 copy of 11:55 GMT+10:00 https://zora.co/collections/0xabba7d7f7f2e9eb818e7bd0c965f276b5b348fb9/4 #zora
6 days ago@GALLERY https://gallery.so/dydx
10 days ago@Bruce1_1 Thanks for shared this wonderful opportunity.
11 days agoI raise my hands to the sky! Zeus take my strength to save Mystis's island! https://save-mystis.com/ My Proof Of Participation: #a2744508278f1c071b92 @MystisGame #SaveMystis #Starknet
11 days agoRe @JOMOHippo @ordinalswallet bc1pseej2f8pw4jmquyq47f34jj5dmyde39czd83a35wu2n0arvqr3fs7nahfw Thanks , I hope my luck is here, and I hope this project will get bigger and betterπŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€
12 days agoRelation Protocol, building privacy-preserving web3 social graph for the next billion users! #RelationProtocol #SemanticSBTs @relationlabs https://twitter.com/relationlabs/status/1631601591919972352
15 days agoHeard of nealthy? The startup builds 100% transparent on-chain index products. People on the whitelist get a special surprise. Apply for the whitelist: https://www.nealthy.com/alpha?referralCode=y0fevpl&refSource=twitter ζ₯θ‡ͺ @nealthy_xyz
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