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a month agoLol I’ve been on the app for like a week and the tweet pops up now
a month agoI'm helping test @friendtech, the marketplace for your friends on Base 🐰 Get the app and search for my Twitter username to be an early holder of my shares 🤗
a month ago@ThePopTingz Sounds like WeChat pay
a month ago@paulg @TheHQW 🤔
a month ago@zosegal I think it started with Steve Jobs didn’t “trust” external devs to build native apps until he relented one year later
a month agoIf anyone still remembers, iPhone was originally designed to ONLY work with web apps - no AppStore whatsoever
a month ago@paradigm It's thrilling to see more social experiments like http://friend.tech in the decentralized space as they bring more information to the open web. Meanwhile, I do wish the revolution of Web3 democratize influence (tho a bit unlikely lol) as it did with finance or…
a month ago@paradigm Don’t get me wrong here - I’m not saying that the team isn’t important. They are critical as the model and execution determine the growth speed and the compound interest of the network. But most networks lack initial capital (social or liquidity), giving them no chance…
a month agoThe team of http://friend.tech is important of course, but behind the scene @paradigm can be the fundamental 🧵
2 months ago@balajis Copilot 🫡
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