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a year agoI'm excited about the @Shardeum Liberty alphanet! #Shardeum is building an EVM-based L1 that can deliver low gas fees forever by adding more nodes. Requesting 100 #SHM from the Shardeum faucet. https://faucet.liberty10.shardeum.org/ My address is: 0x…
a year agohttps://share.spectral.finance/preview/0beeUyr0j6bd3MM77XwSDu8hHVZklqwPCQIhhgN9v6MVQpgWYEeyJhZGRyZXNzX3Nob3J0IjogIjB4QTgyLi4uOEYyIiwgInNjb3JlIjogIjU2My4wMCIsICJ3YWxsZXQiOiAwLCAibWlzY2VsbGFuZW91cyI6IDAsICJsZW5kaW5nIjogMCwgImJvcnJvdyI6IDAsICJsaXF1aWRhd…
a year agoDiscord User ID: lcy#8030 As the world tend to a Decentralized future, I am positive and supportive with all @prime_protocol has to offer. LFG!🚀
a year ago0xe8C3F539292D05C0F2c133d21a1d3E94204089Ba
a year agoThe works show the hazy art of Impressionism and are worthy of collection.
a year agohttps://box.genki.io/IBPLRZ?ref=de854d23-d86b-4012-a438-bdddd94b684c
a year agoI'm claiming testnet tokens for @zksync v2, an EVM-compatible ZK Rollup! My Address: 0xe8c3f539292d05c0f2c133d21a1d3e94204089ba Learn more: https://v2.zksync.io/
a year ago注册赢取10美元,#OAT有赋能https://infiblue.world/membership/#/pages/register/register?referrer_id=d5a711
a year agoPartyDAO,去中心化软件组织,已完成1640万美元融资,a16z领投。 PartyBid是PartyDAO 开发的一款 NFT 众筹工具。人们可以在任何 NFT 上发起众筹,寻找其他贡献者,共同拍下nft。 PartyBid官网: partybid.app